CA Exam Test Series May 2023

CA Exam Test Series systematically covers the entire syllabus of CA Final, CA Intermediate, and CA Foundation Exams. The unique part about ca exam test series of catestseries is the quality of assessment, we are providing test series from last 6 years, and we understand the mindset and preparation pressure of each type of candidates, so we can provide you effective Provide revision strategy for ICAI Exams.

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Why Choose CA Test Series™

Study Planner

A comprehensive study planner will be provided, which will help to revise the entire ca Final exam syllabus three times.

Individual Guidance + Mentoring

Weekly & monthly targets will be provided to students individually with personal Guidance.

Live Tests

Live MCQ tests will also be provided in all the plans to judge the performance quickly.

AIR -Toppers Sheet

Topper sheet for each ca Final test paper and All India Ranking will be provided to each student.

Extensive Notes

Amendment, Practice questions, MCQs and Summary notes will be provided to help on each stage of the ca Final exam.

Detailed Suggested Answer

Suggested answers will be provided to each test paper covering stepwise points included.

Plans For CA Exam Test Series

Price is inclusive of all taxes, no hidden charges of any type.

Even in the scheduled plans, if an exam is missed on the scheduled date, then the exam can be attempted later.

Detailed Test Series

Starting at
  • 5 Chapter-wise and 1 Full syllabus test for each subject
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams

Individual Chapter Wise Test Series

Starting at
  • 1 Test for each chapter + 2 Full Test
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 2-3 days
  • Valid till Exams
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Full Syllabus Test Series

Starting at
  • 2 Full syllabus test for each subject
  • Scheduled/Unscheduled
  • Live Tests
  • Doubt Solving, Notes, Study Planner
  • Result in 3-4 days
  • Valid till Exams

Get Free Mock Test

Our Test Papers, Notes, Assessment and Suggested Answers for CA Exam Test Series are strictly following the ICSI pattern, the nature of questions ranging from factual to conceptual, divided proportionately in each test paper. View a free sample of each of the buttons below (available in PDF format). These will help in understanding the structure of each resource.

Syllabus for CA Exam Test Series May 2023

As we know that the syllabus of CA is quite vast, so our experts have systematically designed the syllabus for the test series according to the importance of the subject, difficulty level and exam weight of the subjects. Revise the entire syllabus systematically 3 times before the ICAI exam. Check the structure of CA Exam Test Series May 2022 Schedule from the button given below

Our Mission Behind CA Exam Test Series

The Syllabus for CA Exam Test Series is designed with a logically balanced approach. We have included a mix of long difficult and short easy topics in one exam so that students can prepare effectively for the exam in less time. With CA Exam Test Series Schedule we provide complete flexibility to the students to make necessary changes in the dates or pattern such that if a student wants to attempt Test 4 before Test 2 he can easily attempt which Suitable as per your own study plan. A student can solve any number of test papers in a day. Our service is open even before the exam dates; if any student tries to take the exam even 1 day before the exam then our team will provide evaluation for that also

Are you struggling to prepare effectively and in the right direction for CA 2022 exams?

CA Exam Test Series is providing complete revision material and guidance for your CA Exams

We help you improve every aspect of your revision, whether it’s presentation, concept clarity, speed or keeping the material up to the exam.

Clear CA Exam Test Series aims to guide the students about mistakes in presentation, concepts and speed so that students can clear the exam in the first attempt. Clearing CA exam in first attempt will boost your confidence in life to achieve other higher goals. It is not difficult to crack CA exam if you are working on mistakes carefully and trying to answer according to proper guidelines. But we find lack of awareness among the students about what type of material to include in your answer, how to present your answer so that examiner can provide more marks.

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IDT Test 2 Explanation by Prerana Dokania

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