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CAtestseries Online Test Series for CA Final, CA inter, and CA foundation Inter is an online assessment tool that aims to assist students to become better prepared and competent for ICAI exams held across the country.

CA students will be able to improve their concept, presentation, and confidence, as well as their rank/score within the mock exams and actual exam by taking practice tests with the use of this powerful instrument the CA test series. They will have access to thousands of test questions prepared by expert faculty of CAtestseries online test series for CA Final, CA inter, and CA foundation by registering for a CAtestseries online test. which will cover different subjects related to the ICAI Exams students will be taking alongside other aspirants.

Why is CA Test Series a valuable tool for CA preparation?

The CA test series includes everything you’ll need to pass all of the CA exams. It also includes advice, a strategy, a syllabus, the exam pattern, and a wealth of other information about the CA exam. The content on the CA test series is fantastic. CAtestseries’ mock tests are also good, with high-quality questions, making the CA test series a great place to start preparing for all CA exams.


1. Boost Confidence

It helps the students improve their performance and gain confidence. It assists them in overcoming their exam anxiety and nervousness. Curriculum and Lesson Planning I write for a living. All of my digital classes are posted on our blog for students to download on their devices. CAtestseries also gives students a lot of practice, so their speed when answering questions improves organically.


2. Online penal for students

CAtestseries is an online platform for CA exam preparation. It is mostly an information site that I utilize to deliver test series for CA exam preparation. Our instructional materials include multimedia, online quizzes, assignments, and instructions for completing activities. I also utilize my blog to highlight student work by publishing images and videos of students so that parents saw how easy it is for them to pass the exam.

The MCQ questions have been organized. It is a fantastic tool for CA students to use in their preparation. It is quite beneficial for exam preparation, and we also give additional services. All subjects have very significant MCQ notes, which we are given.

3. Lesson and Curriculum Planning

All of the lessons are available on our website for students to download on their devices.

Warm-ups I normally begin a lecture by showing students a video that I previously posted on our website or blog. As a result, most students join in on the conversation, which encourages creativity.

We connect with my pupils via email, WhatsApp, or another communication channel such as a phone call, and we also provide multimedia lectures to the students.

4. Notes | Progressive Revision | Doubt Solving

It’s critical to remember the last revision in order to prepare effectively. We will supply cumulative exam papers, which means that the topics covered in the first test will also be covered in the second. Each test topic is repeated in the next test.

At the start of the exam series, all of the necessary notes are presented. Conceptual, practical questions, MCQs, and significant questions are among the types of notes supplied.

5. Lectures for Quick Revision

This is the first time in India that a fast revision of conceptual aspects is available. These are meant to help you with your notion clarity. Hindi and English are the two languages used. Each chapter will take 10 to 18 minutes to complete.

6. Mentoring

We pledge to provide you with unwavering support till your tests. In any situation, our crew is always available to assist you. We will supply you with adequate timetables and planners to help you adapt your syllabus based on the needs of each student. To achieve good exam results, we concentrate on 3 fundamentals. (Planning, Execution, Evaluation) We make sure that our students stick to the same schedule till their exams so that they can get good grades.

A look at some of our most successful pupils:-


CA Kapila Jain 

 (I am a student of the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants.) Saying- You have the option of using They run the Test series in a very efficient manner, covering the entire course twice. Over 50 practice examinations are taken over the course of two months. The test papers are of excellent quality, and they cover all of the crucial questions that may appear in future exams. I registered in CA final group II and received three subject exemptions. I received a total of 243 points.

Thanks to for their assistance.


Surekha (CA Final Student)

For students, this is the best platform ever. You may get the greatest and unique content for your selected topic on a variety of websites for online study, but the CA test series is the best, as it delivers unsolvable papers in pre-determined patterns for the next exam. It’s incredibly simple to use. It provides an excellent overview of the subject.


Prabhjot Singh (CA)

Patiala, Punjab.

In 2014, I graduated and completed my MBA. I spent a year at a tiny accounting firm and then another year at IFFCO Tokyo. Following that, I chose to study for the CA Exams.

Last year, I missed the CA final examinations by six points, but this year proved to be my lucky year, as I finally passed the CA Final. For the CA final, I took the CA test series, and their solutions are quite comprehensive. I also took advantage of their free Group Study sessions, which were really beneficial because you only had a certain amount of time to answer each question. All CA students should take this test series.

Rajneesh Khandelwal (CA Final)

Guru gram

This website is extremely beneficial to those attempting to pass the CA final examinations. On the website, there are study materials for a variety of topics. The finest thing is that they offer mock exams for each level of the CA exams. As soon as you finish the test series, the results are displayed. They also provide a full report of the exam, which includes the following information: 

1) Time spent answering the correct questions.

2) Time spent on incorrectly answered questions.

3) Topic-by-topic analysis, including accuracy, presentation, and concept clarity, among other things.

Overall, this website is quite beneficial and will undoubtedly boost exam results.

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